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What is project survival?

Project survival is currently in pre-alpha stage it will be improved and have a regular update! In project survival you will be able to kill enemy's, level-up,Earn money from various things, a deep crafting system and lots more! (this is coming soon) Current features are Earning money!, Killing stuff, Bosses, shops and much more!

The project started a few weeks ago its new and will be updated so stay tuned for more updates and features!

Project survival is about surviving in a wasteland of strange but wonderful enemies like flames pirate bats etc! The flame will give you 5 coins the blue flame will give you 6-7.5 and the bat will give 7-10 also the boss will give you 100. ( shop does not work currently)

Published Apr 05, 2014
GenreAdventure, Survival

Install instructions

For windows only!


Project survival pre-alpha 1.0.2.exe 18 MB